Titleist Performance Institute

Working with our IN HOUSE physical training partners, Optimum Performance Sports (OPS), we can help take your golf fitness & game a step further.

Your Golf Fitness, Elevated

Want to separate yourself from your competition? Step up your training with our partners Optimum Performance Sports (OPS) TPI Golf Performance Training program. Their TPI level 2 certified trainer will help elevate your performance through their deep understanding of how a body functions during a golf swing.

All athletes start with an in-depth, 16-point evaluation where the OPS TPI trainer looks for weaknesses, imbalances, tightness, and all other aspects that may affect your golf swing and/or cause you pain. Athletes will go through golf specific fitness testing and will review and assess their results monthly.

The OPS TPI Trainers unlock and mobilize your body with strength and flexibility.

Golf Fitness

Small Group Golf Training

  • Class sizes limited to 5 athletes at a time.
  • We recommend athletes attend two classes a week.
  • Small group training is available to high school and college athletes.
  • Small group training allows the trainer to focus on individual needs while creating a fun competitive environment.
  • Monthly testing to track progress.
  • Discounts available for APEX golf clients.
Golf Fitness

Individual Golf Training

  • 30 or 60 minute individual training sessions available.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Discounts available for APEX Golf clients.
  • Monthly testing to track progress.

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