Designed to instill passion, commitment and skill to help students take their game further, our programs provide a systematic approach to developing golf athletes, and are customized to suit the goals and needs of each golfer. Program costs vary, depending upon included features.


Our entry level Core Clinics are designed to accommodate beginner golfers 13 and younger. The curriculum focuses on fun and fundamentals, with the goal of creating a good foundation, continued desire to play long term and foster any potential competitive ambitions. The curriculum is divided into 1 hour group sessions over the span of 4 weeks. Each session is collectively taught by two Apex instructors.

Registration is now OPEN for the following fall Core Clinics.

Open Clinics:

October 5th -October 26th

November 9th- November 30th

Cost is $120 per Month

DEVELOPMENT I (Tournament Ready)

Our mainstay development program is designed to provide ultimate long term improvement. During the monthly individual lesson, we will measure and analyze all parts of the player's game and chart goals and directives for the following three weeks.

DEVELOPMENT II (College Aspirations)

Development II builds on Development I by employing the same improvement strategies while doubling the amount of time spent training. The 90 minute individual lesson provides ample time to measure and address specific points of emphasis in the player's game. Additionally, the eight hours of training per week will allow the player to make consistent improvements in multiple areas of their game.

PERFORMANCE (Division I Aspirations)

In our peak program, players will be equipped with every facet necessary to play elite level golf. We will examine all golf specific aspects of performance, as well as fitness, sports psychology, tournament planning, and recruiting. As with all of our programs, Performance players will be allotted an appropriate amount of time each to work on their objectives under guidance and supervision.


At the end of the day golf is an outdoor sport. As an indoor training facility, we are proud to provide access to four local courses! Thus, enabling us to walk you through transferring your newly acquired skills OUT of the Lab and INTO your game both on the Range and in 9-Hole Playing Lessons

Areas of focus for Playing-Lessons include: Course Management, Rules of the Game, Mindset, Pre-Shot Routine Shot Selection & Evaluation and Stat Collection. Stats include but are not limited to:

  • Greens in regulation (GIR)
  • Fairways in Regulation
  • Up and downs
  • Approach Shots
  • Proximity to the hole
  • Penalties
  • Areas of focus for Range Lessons include: Set-up, Ball Flight Visual Ques, Ball-Ground Forces & Contact Relationships, and your Balls Interaction with the Elements


    Our free evaluation is meant to introduce you to our facility, assess your swing on video, and recommend a program or lesson plan that is right for you. We recommend you bring only your 7 iron and driver, unless you would like to specifically discuss a plan that focuses solely on chipping, or putting. If so, you may bring in the corresponding club.



    We are excited to be an official Faldo Hurricane Series Partner and event runner to the Indiana-Michigan-Canada Section.



    To learn more about our programs or get started, just click below to schedule an assessment. We’ll be happy to help determine the best program to suit your objectives and goals.