Designed to instill passion, commitment and skill to help students take their game further, our programs provide a systematic approach to developing golf athletes, and are customized to suit the goals and needs of each golfer. Program costs vary, depending upon included features.

Our Enterprise program offers unique corporate and team building experiences.


Our Core program is designed specifically for young children to develop the fundamental base needed to play golf at a competitive level in the future. We include enjoyment of the game in that fundamental base, and hold it in a high regard. We know that research shows if a young person can imagine themselves in any activity for a long period of time, they are more likely to stick with it and experience success. The physical fundamentals of golf are simple to teach and relatively simple to master with consistent practice. Our technology and expertise allow us to teach these fundamentals in efficient and engaging ways. But, above all else, our aim is to inspire in your child a lifelong love for the game by creating an environment where fun, mentorship, and community can thrive.

This program combines technical skills, swing mechanics, and short game training to prepare young golfers for a successful future in the game. Each week, your child will spend a portion of the class with an instructor working on mechanics and fundamentals, and the remainder of the hour completing fun short game drills with their peers and a mentor.


Our Development program is a combination of expert instruction and tailored, guided practice. We've traded in the traditional instruction model for an approach that more closely mirrors the developmental model of other sports and master crafts. Instead of problem solving your swing once a week, we evaluate your entire game. Then, we design a training regimen that addresses the areas of your game that have the greatest potential to influence your score. Golf is a holistic game, and we employ an instruction style to match.

This program sets the stage for sustainable progress by combining the latest technology with a customized training schedule. Each week, golfers will complete their personalized practice plans under the supervision of an instructor. This program utilizes all of our technology to provide lasting improvement through quality repetitions and high feedback.


Once a golfer reaches a certain level of skill, their training and instruction must go to a new level. Here we begin to prepare golfers for competition at the college level and beyond. In this arena their habits, physical stamina, and mental fortitude will be tested along with their golf skill. In this program, it is our chief aim to give golfers full autonomy of their swing and game. We will be building tendencies, habits, and skills that are sustainable under the pressures of high-level competition.

This program is designed for golfers with goals of playing collegiate golf and beyond. We leverage all of our technology and experience to develop a complete golfer. In this program, we use collegiate and professional performance benchmarks to measure progress. Golfers will be provided the opportunity to work on their games the way professionals do.


Our Journey program is designed specifically for adults looking for an efficient way to improve their game. For too long, golfers have received lesson after lesson with no tangible improvements. We want to change that through a systematic, data-driven, technologically advanced approach. We will assess every area of your game and chart a plan to cut strokes off your game as soon as possible. Improvement is possible at any age, and we are here to help. 


Apex Golf Lab is pleased to offer fully customizable corporate packages, in addition to individual programs. Ideal for team building, incentives or company retreats, our Enterprise Program is a positive, enriching experience that everyone can enjoy.


To learn more about our programs or get started, just click below to schedule an assessment. We’ll be happy to help determine the best program to suit your objectives and goals.