A Holistic Fit

Because your clubs should fit your game

A Unique & Holistic Approach to your Club Fit

Unlike other fits, we build a complete profile of your swing using our full suit of technology and 35+ years of golf instruction. Giving us the tools to understand which parts of your swing need a club re-evaluation.

Data, instruction knowledge, and years of fitting experience gets you into the set of clubs to grow with; not the set that fixes small problems now.

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Years of Fittings

Club Services

Club Fit


With our years of instructional experience, we fit you for the set of clubs that take you to the peak of your game.

Iron & Putter Lie/Loft Adjustments

Prices are per club adjustment

Trade In & Buy

Have old clubs? Don't let them gather dust! Get cash back or Apex Golf Lab credit for any of our services or merchandise by Trading them in with 2nd Swing Here


Prices depend on grip selected.

Club Stamping

Personalize your clubs with club stamping and paint fill! Book to meet and discuss your design!

Tips When Being Fitted

  • Expect to hit a lot of golf balls.
  • Plan to be hydrated and well nourished.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Don’t come in ‘rusty.’ Be sure to have practiced a couple of times earlier in the week, before coming into your fitting.
  • Bring the golf ball you intend to play on the course. Don’t know what ball you’ll be playing? Ask our staff about a ball fitting!