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Apex Golf Lab pairs the top pros with the latest technology and proven training techniques to help golf athletes refine their game and achieve peak performance.

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Whether you’re just starting out, with a goal of playing at the collegiate or professional level, or you’re a club golfer looking to shave a few strokes off your game, peak performance on the course begins with the right kind of practice. And that begins here. Equipped with the region’s most complete suite of advanced golf training technology, and staffed by certified experts, the Apex Golf Lab is uniquely qualified to analyze and help improve every aspect of your game. If you’re ready to Elevate Your Approach, you’re in the right place.

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Using Trackman, the industry-standard launch monitor, we’re able to provide you with powerful, accurate, instant feedback on club and ball flight physics.

Robo Golf Pro

Apex is one of only 16 RoboGolfPro locations in the country. As the world’s most advanced golf swing trainer, RoboGolfPro shortens the motor pattern learning curve by allowing golfers to feel their ideal swing, pitch, chip and putt.

The Lab

BODITRAK® Shift System

The industry-leading BodiTrak force-sensing mat captures and analyzes a golfer’s balance distribution during a swing.


Rounding off our 3D toolbox is K-motion. K-motion captures how our athletes move in 3D space, in easy to understand reports that show how they swing. Allowing our coaches to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Club Fitting the lab

Quintic Ball Roll System

Quintic is THE launch monitor for putting. Using high speed cameras to track the putter and ball, Quintic is able to collect over 45 different parameters in your putting stroke; giving instant feedback in your put!

V1 Sports 360° System

V1 Sports utilizes the powerful combination of live video capture, swing analysis and software that allows our Coaches to provide with with instant 360° swing analysis for both in person and VIRTUAL lessons! That's right while your vacationing in California, we can still give you lessons from Indiana!

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K-Motion, the maker of K-Coach and K-Player, is the industry leader in wireless, human motion learning for the sports, fitness and medical (physical therapy) industries. The company’s cloud-based products create a complete end-to-end training solution that empowers coaches to get athletes and patients better faster. The company combines industry leading sensor accuracy with never before seen software features in a highly reliable, easy to use product that helps top golf coaches, baseball coaches, movement and fitness specialists and physical therapists. K-Motion works with seven of the Top Ten on the Golf Digest Top Teachers List, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams, world-renowned fitness coaches and physical therapists as well as Olympic athletes.