Fueling for Success

We help athletes set tangible sports nutrition goals to keep you energized on the course

Your Golf Game, Elevated

Apex is proud to partner with OPS to offer sports nutrition services to our athletes. Their registered dietitian will help athletes set tangible goals by creating an individualized food and nutrition plan that works for them. One of the many goals of the program is to help teach the athletes sustainable eating habits while also educating on how to fuel for both sport and longevity. The dietitian will determine the athlete’s nutrition needs based on body type, sport, metabolic rate and performance goals and create a fueling plan designed for them.

Each consultation is unique to the athlete and will include specific recommendations to help the individual reach their goals whether they are in-season or training in the off-season.

Sports Nutrition

OPS Sports Nutrition Program

  • Metabolic rate testing using KORR Medical Technologies *if recommended by dietitian
  • 60-90 minute initial consult discussing results from intake form
  • Personalized 4 day fueling and hydration plan with customized recipes based on the athlete’s goals and preferences
  • Educational handouts
  • A bundle of supplement/product samples
  • Daily accountability and support
  • Follow up sessions

Ready to Fuel Your Game